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Patrick Chun, P. Eng.
Patrick talking to English teachers learning the Greenwood system in China

Patrick Chun, professional engineer, computer programmer, educator, entrepreneur, and founder of Greenwood, graduated from the University of British Columbia, Canada in engineering with first class honours, and subsequently went on for graduate studies at McGill University, Canada, and the University of California, USA in computer engineering.

Before founding Greenwood in 1994, Patrick had over a decade of high-technology development experiences working on electronic communication systems, satellite observations, and multimedia designs across North America in places like Montreal, Los Angeles and Vancouver. In his works, Patrick had also been instrumental in the design of users' training and education for the use of these complex systems.

Patrick was a volunteering engineer for the "Scientists in School" project in Canada where experienced scientists, doctors, engineers would visit high schools to give lectures about the fascinating world of science and technologies.

Under Patrick's leadership, Greenwood has succeeded not only in building a dynamic education management team, or in winning international educational awards, but, more importantly, also in bringing in hands-on experiences from the world of high-technologies, entrepreneurship and business into the classrooms to share with students.
Byron Thorne, B.Ed., M.Ed.
Senior instructional designer
Byron during a speech for teachers in Canada

Byron Thorne, educator and instructional designer, graduated from the University of British Columbia, Canada in education and Master from OISE (Ontario Institute of Studies in Education), University of Toronto, Canada in adult education.

Byron has over 30 years of frontline teaching experiences ranging from early childhood development to adult illiteracy education. Byron is the developer of the popular 'Thorne Method' in Free Parents Reading Guide, a proven and effective reading, spelling, vocabulary and pronunciation system used over 20 years for teaching disadvantaged students in the rapid development of English reading skills.

Byron's expertise lies in a systematic analysis of information and the synthesis of streamlined and effective presentation of educational contents meaningful to a diverse mix of students. He has also proven to be an effective teachers' trainer and mentor.


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