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"... high quality visual and audio support... The material is interesting and well presented, with a logical progression... good reinforcement of classroom material... provides an inexpensive tool to support classroom instruction..."
  - SchoolNet Digital Collection, Industry Canada, Government of Canada

"I like the individual nature of [Greenwood]... The students can work on their skills at their own speed. They really like seeing it, then hearing it and practicing it. A lot of people are learning very basic English skills. This is a very easy way to introduce them to the technology of computers because the program is so user friendly."
  - Janice Mennell, Vancouver Community College English as a Second Language (ESL) instructor, Canada

"[Greenwood] is easy to read and hear."
  - Jill Adamson, ESL teacher, Lord Byng High School, Vancouver, Canada

"Computer technology ensures joy in learning. All participants had fun in the learning process especially with the learning speed at their own disposal. They can appreciate the correct pronunciation of every consonant at their fingertips [in Greenwood's program]."
  - Au Yeung Sung Fan, Principal for Buddhist
Wai Yan Memorial College, Hong Kong
「电脑技术增强了学习兴趣,参与者可随意调整学习进 度,更欣赏那些纯正的发音,令学习可以随心所欲。」
  - 香港佛联慧因法师纪念中学 欧阳崇勋校长

" One of 100 best new programs of all kinds in the world "
  - Japanese External Trade Organization (JETRO), Government of Japan
「世界中の全ての新しいプログラムの内、 ベスト100に入るものです。」
  - 日本貿易振興機構様 (JETRO、日本政府

"Greenwood has created something unique in the world of ESL software... [Greenwood] programs offer enough Canadian content to qualify as Canadian Broadcast Corporation (CBC) programming."
  - Mark Leiren-Young, Vancouver Georgia Straight Weekly Newspaper and
Business in Vancouver Newspaper, Canada

"[Greenwood's system] is very good for thinking in English."
  - IKumune Takahashi, Senior Vice President Toshiba Information System of Japan
「この Greenwood システムは英語で考えるのにとても よくできている。」
  - 東芝情報システム 高橋様、 シニア・バイス・プレジデント、 日本

" Clear instructions, interesting and easy... [Greenwood] can be a reference for the teachers"
  - Ho Heung Yung, English teacher,
Buddhist Wing Yan Primary School Hong Kong
教法清楚、简洁、有趣、易学,文法更可作老师教学 参考之用。」
  - 香港佛联荣茵小学 英语教师何香容

"Excellent, not confusing, non-threatening... Simple to learn, easy to use... [Greenwood] is a set of quality teaching and learning tools... [Greenwood] does not patronize the learner. In this area, it is a job well done..."
  - Professor Rosaline Fung,
San Joaquin Delta College, California, U.S.A.

"They may come from a country where reading goes from right to left so everything looks backwards... It's a pretty uphill battle for teachers at the beginner ESL level who probably have the toughest job of all. [Greenwood's system] is really helpful to them"
  - Paul Boissonnault, ESL computer lab instructor, Vancouver Community College, Canada

"[Greenwood's system] is user-friendly and interactive...self-access... They are all very good and well-designed…"
  - Cheng Hoi Chuen, English Teacher, Tung Wah Group of Hospitals,
Li Ka Shing College, Hong Kong
「Greenwood 之互动性能十分适合用者的学习自调机制, 是一种非常好的设计及安排。」
  - 香港东华三院李嘉诚中学英语教师郑海泉

"Greenwood...half the effort, twice the achievement..."
  - PC Student, Sing Tao Newspaper, Hong Kong
「Greenwood 令学习英语事半功倍。」
  - 香港星岛日报学生电脑专栏

" Five Stars overall performance!"
  - Quality Education Program, Government of Hong Kong
五星级表演 !」
  - 香港政府优质教育计划

"[Greenwood] programs are suitable for various levels of students... effectively utilized multimedia to increase interests... use of various practical situations to assist students, bravo!"
  - Quality Education Program, Government of Hong Kong
「这个系统程度 (Levels) 适合於不同英语水平的学生。 能有效地利用不同之媒体令学习变得更有趣味。 更能有效地把语文应用概念和情境表现得清楚, 又能减轻老师在教学时的工作量。 以实用之处境, 有趣之形式加上不同媒体之辅助,精彩!
  - 香港政府优质教育计划


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