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Careers: HR Junior Officers

With recent development in international projects, Greenwood Canada is looking for human resource junior officers for the recruitment process of English teachers for international assignments.

In addition, Greenwood HR team members gain exclusive experience in team-building of technical members in creating innovative educational activities for a leading-edge, award-winning educational system.

Every qualified HR team member enjoys a competitive compensation package which includes paid medical insurance, paid vacation, and if applicable, paid travel visa, short-term travel-settlement assistance, living allowance during an overseas assignment, performance bonus, and ongoing professional development. Salary is based on relevant experiences.


You are passionate about people. You thrive not only on being with people from foreign cultures but also on participating in the dynamic world of team-building in a multiculture, and frequently ambiguous, environment.

You are a leader. You are outgoing and very adaptive, and understand that life overseas in another culture may be drastically different from what it is in Canada. You are open-minded, and see challenges as experiences and opportunities to show your leadership quality.

As every Greenwood HR member will be representing Canada while overseas, you are expected to be knowledgeable about Canada's geography, its economy, its political system, and its people. You will be viewed as a role model in sharing many of the values of Canada such as environmental protection, humanitarianism, and volunteerism.

You are expected have 1-2 years of HR-related experience. Ideally you also have had some previous experience of living abroad.

You are computer literate and willing to continuously learn. You are comfortable in using email, a web browser and a word processor (such as Microsoft Word). You can touch type at 40 wpm.


(1) Help Greenwood HR Manager in the recruitment and team-building activities for English teachers and computer programmers.
(2) Help Greenwood teaching team in the overseas settlement process.

  March 31, 2017 HR junior officer positions:
  • 2 positions with Greenwood in Richmond, BC, Canada with possible travels starting in Sept.
Selected candidates will be notified and interviewed in Richmond, BC, Canada.
Preference will be given to those with IITTI World Civility Index points.

At the very least, include the link to your personal Rocktell Open Interview Video in your résumé and send to:

               Ms. Susan Henderson

We encourage you to explore the various features on our Greenwood web as this will be part of our selection process.

(Due to the overwhelming interests in these positions, we regret not to be able to send an individual reply to each inquiry. Only selected candidates with a demonstrated ability and culture fit to work with the Greenwood environment will be contacted.)


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